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Baby Bag Essentials, What Should I Carry In A Baby Bag

Let's start off with your baby bag. You'll want to select a baby bag that will suit your needs and of course, your style. Well, no matter what the style is, you have to make sure it holds everything in place - from the baby's things to yours. It is best to have a bag that provides lots of compartments and pockets to make sure it stores and holds the baby's things in place.

So, what do you need inside your baby bag? Here's a list of what you need in your baby bag to keep your little one comfortable, clean, fed and happy.

  • Diapers - one of the obvious necessities in a baby bag, something that you can't leave home without. How many you bring depends on how old is your baby, how she's feeling and how long will you be out for? If you have an idea how many to bring, always follow the + 1 rule - pack one more diaper than you think you will need.
  • Feeding Essentials – this will differ by your baby’s feeding stage and still follow the +1 rule, your baby might get really hungry along the way or you can always have a pacifier with you.
  • Wipes - these wipes aren't only essential for baby's bums, they're also great for wiping your own hands before and after baby duties, for the face, and even cleaning stains and spills.
  • Ointment - diaper rash can hit anytime, so it's advisable that you have a tube of rash cream in your baby bag so in case a rash develops, you have this to ease baby's discomfort.
  • Changing Pad - most baby bags come with a changing pad. If you don't have one of those bags, don't ever leave home without it, especially when you're on the road stuck in traffic with no changing table.
  • Clothing – it’s always best to have at least 1-2 extra clothing for your baby, especially when your baby is the type who spits out food and messy to feed. And besides, you don’t know what may spill on your baby’s clothes so it’s better to have extra.
  • Toys and Books – these items are lifesavers to entertain your baby especially when she/he starts to get fussy. It is always good to bring his/her stuffed toys for naptime.
  • Disposable Bags – to store baby’s dirty clothes or diapers.

Remember, a baby's bag isn't only for babies; it's for you as well. You have to consider the fact that you have to be in good health and germ-free when you’re with the baby. Always leave a space for essentials like your own medical kit and some clean clothing in case your baby spits up or leaks through diapers; a space where you can easily grab your phone and car keys for emergency purposes; and a parenting book in case you have unexpected questions.