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Safety Essentials When Taking Babies in a Car

It’s always a fun and exciting experience to travel with your family in a car. It’s a great way to experience the attractions along the way at your own pace and time. And what’s more, you can always stop by and take a short break at any spot you want.

When traveling by car with your family, extra care should be observed especially if you have a baby or small kids with you. Before leaving home, it is a must to make sure that you have all the necessary safety gear to protect your little ones while on the road. Parents should check that everything is ready including your child’s food and toiletries to ensure they’re comfortable and won’t go hungry.

In Australia, safety standards must be followed when using baby equipment in avehicle. There are recommended safety features to look for in various items including car seats, cots, prams, highchairs and baths. This safety measure is aimed at preventing the occurrence of sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI).

Your baby’s safety should be top priority whenever you go out to travel. In the car, babies below one year of age must be restrained in accordance with the law. The restraint needs to have a sticker bearing the Australian Standard seal or label (AS/NZS) 1754 and must match a child’s age, weight and size. In addition, it should fit the child’s body and your vehicle correctly.

They must also be in a proper car seat. A quality car seat is one that can protect a child during front and side crashes. It must be easy to install correctly and must have undergone a crash test. A manufacturer’s instruction manual should be available upon purchase.

A baby must always be placed in the back seat and never in front. A rear-facing baby restraint also called capsule is highly recommended for babies up to six months old while a child restraint (whether rear or forward facing) is best to use for a child up to four years old.

Parents who fail to follow the law on car safety for babies and children can be penalized. Fines that are normally a few hundred dollars differ by state. In Queensland, the fine is AUD$300 while in Victoria, it is AUD$234. Other than the fines, demerit points are also added.

So remember to put safety first whenever you travel by car with a baby or small child. This will let you enjoy a fun and peaceful trip with your loved ones.

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