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Baby Clothes and Apparel

Baby clothes are essential materials that parents have to have prior to the coming of their infants into the world. These are among the basic needs of these young ones other than specific baby accessories such as baby toys, baby bath sets, diapers, and baby feeding tools.

Baby clothes come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures. One just needs to choose the appropriate set of clothes for one’s baby. Of course, tastes should also be based on the gender of the infant. If the child is a boy, it is ideal to choose colors that connote masculinity such as blue and green; whereas for girls, pastel hues are ideal such as pink, purple, and yellow for a more girly touch. Although there are some clothes that would look perfect on a baby regardless of its gender, then choosing clothes that are white works wonders!

There are different types of baby clothes and apparel. Below are the most common types:

a.    Rompers or Onesies.  This is akin to that of the form of a typical one-piece bathing suit; only that it has sleeves and is usually made of soft cotton material. This is the perfect attire for baby during hot weather or during those sunny mornings where they don’t have to be covered under layers of thick clothing. For those who didn’t know, Onesies also serve as some sort of a protective layer that prevents the belly button from being infected once the baby’s umbilical stump falls off after a certain period of time after being born.

b.    Baby hats. These are important since these protect the baby’s head, making it feel cozy and warm. It is a fact that an infant is used to the temperature in its mothers’ womb. This lasts for a couple of days to a few weeks before it would be able to cope with the environment’s normal temperature. However, it is important to make your baby feel as comfortable as possible by putting a hat on his head when the situation calls for it such as night time and during the cold season.

c.    Pajamas. The role of pajamas is similar to the role of a baby hat; only this time, the main focus is keeping the baby’s entire body warm. Tight-fitting and fire resistant pajamas are ideal, most especially at night. These are good substitutes to baby blankets, most especially during the night when your baby is left unattended.

d.    Baby mittens. Since babies’ nails tend to grow at a fast pace and that they are subconsciously inclined to scratch any part of their bodies, putting a pair of mittens of them is crucial. These do not only prevent the baby from acquiring skin laceration, but these also prevent him from scratching his sensitive areas such as the eyes, gums, and ear canal among others.

e.    Baby bibs. Although not necessarily a piece of clothing, a bib is something that every tot should have during meal time. Not only will it save the parents a lot of money on tissue paper, but it will also prevent the baby’s clothes from being soiled.