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Baby Nursery Checklist

A baby’s arrival is something that parents prepare themselves for. Although such incident is among the many joyous occasions in a parent’s life, it is still crucial to have all the basic baby tools that are necessary for aiding one to care for the child in an appropriate and efficient manner. Preparing a nursery room is important as it gives the child an environment that is far from the ones that the adults are used to. It also gives the parents an opportunity to maintain the cleanliness of the child’s environment so as to spare him from the risks of catching illnesses and diseases.

Below is an example of a baby nursery check list to help parents – newbies and veterans alike – make sure that their child has everything he needs:

1.    Baby crib. This is obviously one of the most important tools that your baby needs. As long as you purchase the type that conforms to the Australian safety standards, you have nothing to worry about. A crib serves as your baby’s sleeping sanctuary and playpen at the same time. It is important that you also purchase something that is durable since there are children who still sleep in their cribs until the age of 2 or 3.

2.    Baby lamp. This is something that some parents tend to overlook. A baby lamp does not only provide the nursery with faint lighting, but it also helps parents check on their young ones without disturbing their sleep by flicking on the light switches.

3.    Changing table. This is another important necessity. It does not only help parents change their tots easily, but it also saves them the risks of having back pains do to bending over. Changing tables are very convenient every time you need to change your baby’s clothes or diapers.

4.    Rocking chair or any type of chair that allows a parent to sit down in a relaxed position without completely lying down. It is true that babies sometimes find it hard to sleep without someone rocking them back and forth. A baby is expected to find its first sleeping position in the arms of his parents until he finally reaches a point where he could finally fall asleep on his own baby mattress. This is also a comfortable aide for the parent instead of just standing up and waiting for the baby to fall asleep.

5.    Baby monitor. It is not all the time that you are able to stay by your baby’s side and watch over him. A baby monitor is a powerful tool that allows parents to know what is going inside the nursery and whether your baby is asleep or awake, crying or cooing. Just think of it as a normal walkie-talkie.

6.    Diaper pail. This is where used nappies should be thrown. It is a convenient tool since it saves you a decent amount of time going to where the rubbish bin is going back to the nursery.

There are a lot of other nursery essentials that your baby needs. Do your canvassing today and prepare for the arrival of your little one!