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Baby Toys

It is not that easy to find the right toys for your little one, but in this article, we’ll make it easy for you.

There are two things to consider before buying toys for your baby – safety and if the toy is appropriate for the baby’s stage of development. Toys are building blocks for your child, so it's important that they stimulate and enhance your baby's learning while still keeping challenges achievable.


  • Small toys or toys with small parts should be always kept away from the baby’s reach. A baby would put anything in his/her mouth, so small parts are serious choking hazards.
  • Toys should be made from non-toxic materials.
  • Toys should be free from sharp edges which may bruise or cut the baby’s gums.
  • Long strings and ribbons became more of a hazard as babies can easily wrap themselves in cords that may cause strangulation in minutes.
  • Also, keep them away from any plastic bags. The crispy sound of any plastic bag is entertaining for babies, and as they play with it they can just put it on their face or put their heads inside the plastic bag causing them not to breathe.


All babies are just starting to discover the world. After learning to focus and to follow objects with their eyes, whatever stage of development, a baby is always curious and always wants to explore. Babies want to learn more of what they see and what they are able to touch; and recognize what they can hear.

Here’s a list of toys for babies that can make them laugh and give them happiness and at the same time, stimulate their learning:

  • Rattles and Teethers – these are simple toys but very sensible for babies. Make sure they are light and easy to grasp for your baby to wave about.
  • Music – this helps your baby in so many ways – emotionally, intellectually and socially. Whether you are using it to bring your baby to sleep or just playing around with it, it’s always good to sing to them or just let them hear music as music is calming, relaxing, soothing and stimulating.  Jazz and classical are babies favorite tune. 
  • Mobiles – musical or spinning mobiles will help them focus with their eyes and help them to localize sound.
  • Bedtime Toy – providing them with a bedtime toy is one way to develop bedtime routine. A soft, smooth or silky toy will encourage a sense of peace, comfort and soothing and you will be surprised by how quickly your baby grows accustomed to this routine.
  • Books – it’s always good to read a book to your little one every day. They get to recognize your voice; they will see different colors and shapes from books; and a baby is like a sponge, they will be able to pick up words from what you read to them.
  • Activity Centers – these provide reflection, texture, sounds, patterns, buttons and levers. This will make your baby more curious; challenged; and just wants to explore.

Listed above are just a few of a baby’s favorite toy. Always play with them, sing with them and read to them to keep them stimulated.