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Kids Fitness

The kids of today are living in a futuristic and a risky world – no time and space for outdoor activities; more electronic gadgets competing for your child’s attention; too many fast food intakes as parents get busy with work, with household chores or sending your older siblings to college or with just whatever reason, it’s easy for a child’s physical play to fall by the curb.

Start with yourself and be a role model!

If you are a parent with a child who needs some physical play, you better start with yourself so you encourage your kid afterwards. And if you are already into physical fitness, it’s high time you push your kid/s to jog or walk with you.

It has always been a good idea to help kids exercise while they’re still young as this will help them with their stamina, strength and flexibility. Parents should encourage their kids to do a variety of activities to work on these three major elements:

  • Stamina or Endurance – will keep your kids to have the ability to continue physical activities for a long time. This also strengthens your child’s heart and lungs. So some walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are good ways to increase your child’s stamina.
  • Strength or Power – activities and exercises involving your kids’ own weight and body will give them strength. As they increase in strength, they gain muscles as well. Muscles are very important as kids can be really playful sometimes or get into too many sports, it supports the major joints and this prevents them from having injuries. 
  • Flexibility – simple exercises, stretching and activities will give your children flexibility. Their body needs to go through all the regular movements to keep their tendons flexible, so they could just move around and do anything without pain (e.g. reaching their toes or scratching their own backs).

Keep in mind, not just for the kids but for the whole family, that physical fitness plays a big part to a healthy lifestyle and to feeling good. Of course, fitness and play comes hand in hand with a healthy diet. Always give your children healthy food. If you are unsure what to feed them or what kind of exercise to give them, you could always get an advice from a trainer, or better yet hire a personal trainer for your whole family.

The benefits of keeping your child active

  • Less injuries as they get strong muscles and bones.
  • Kids are always healthy.
  • They will bring this habit until they grow up.
  • They engage in different kinds of sports, keeping them busy and away from electronic gadgets.
  • They gain confidence.
  • Weight control.
  • They get a better sleep.
  • And a better outlook in life.

Healthy and active kids are more likely to be mentally motivated, alert, aware and successful. Keeping them fit will improve not just their bodies, but their minds as well and if they are fit, they have more energy for extra activities and can concentrate better on school work.