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Your Little Jet-setter: Taking Your Baby on Trips Abroad

Take a quote from Saint Agustine: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Travel not only gives you a chance to have fun and unwind, but it also gives you new lessons and memories to take home with you. Travelling is a wonderful experience, and many of us want to share it with friends and family. For couples with young children, it may be a great chance to take your little one(s) on their first trip abroad.

Some parents may say that bringing a child with you on your travels is not a good idea. Some may be more concerned with the added fuss a baby might bring on a trip. Others may be more concerned with how to deal with getting to your destination while tending to your child. While these concerns are quite valid and are given with the best of intentions, they should not stop you from taking your little one on an overseas holiday. They might not remember the whole experience, but it will certainly build their confidence and enrich their world view once they grow older and look back at their old photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, or even atop one of Macchu Pichu's pyramids.

However, before you and your child child take off into far-flung regions , there are some essentials you will want to pack with you for the trip.

For your baby's comfort and for your back and arms, a baby carrier is indispensible for the savvy parent-traveller. Choose one that distributes your baby's weight well, and is comfortable for you to wear. Take into consideration that you will most likely be walking, trekking, climbing stairs, running, and maybe even swinging onto boats, camels, or elephants with your baby in the carrier, so choose wisely. If you breast-feed your little one, a sling is a great choice, since it provides you with privacy for yourself, and more closeness for you and your baby.

Mosquitoes will always be nuisances, no matter what slice of the planet you're in. These pests can be specially dangerous in hot humid areas, and can become a serious threat to your baby, since he or she may not have had shots yet. Insect repellers are an essential part of your jet-setter baby kit. If you prefer natural remedies, it will be wise to pack some citronella essence and some coconut oil. Citronella essential oil is the best mosquito repellent, and now comes in milder forms to match your baby's sensitive skin chemistry. Coconut oil is an all-around toughie – it can function as a hand sanitizer, wound cleaner, skin protector, and even hair conditioner. It's good for your baby, and it's certainly good for you!

Last but not the least, invest in a durable bag that's roomy enough to carry all the essentials – baby clothes, bottles, formula, nappies, and medication – but light enough to provide ease of travel. If you can find a bag that can withstand the regular wear-and-tear of Nature and the outdoors, good for you! You and your baby are now ready to go pleaces and see the world!

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Every time they embark on adventures abroad, Elizabeth always make sure her little one's bodyguard and confidante, Mr. Pigglesworth, is packed for the trip. To make sure her and her baby's luggage is in safe hands, she always goes to