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Modern Cloth Nappies, made in Bunbury WA since 2009..


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Mel , Perth WA
Hi Rebecca I received the parcel today. You have a very nice product, looks very well made. I'm very impressed as the only things I can sew are buttons and hems. Looking fwd to using the nappies. Take care Mel - Perth, WA (May 2010)
Hannah ,
Hey Rebecca, Received package this morning and all looks great. Spent half an hour trying different snap settings on Mr Teddy. Can't wait to try them on a live subject come September! Thank you very much for your skills and good luck with your third bubba as well! S/he is going to look so cute in your handmade creations. Cheers, Hannah (May 2010, Bubba J hemp size 1)
Tracy , Perth WA
Hi Rebecca Just a quick email to let you know that I received the nappies ok and they are great!  Thanks a lot for making them. Tracy - Perth, WA (Mar/Apr 2010, custom Bubba J order)
Denise , Bunbury WA
Hi Bec, I love your ecoBumba nappies so much, i was wanting to order more. Are you still doing custom orders? It would be 6 more. :) Hope you are, Denise - Bunbury, WA (May 2010)
Carley , Perth WA
Hi Rebecca, Received my order today! Thanks so much. They are gorgeous! And it came so quick! I ordered about 12 nappies plus other stuff from *other nappy brand* over Anzac weekend and still do not have them! Bit worried! Thanks again, sorry to ramble! Carley - Perth, WA (Apr/May 2010, replied)
tartankiwi , NZ
Hi Rebecca, I was just going to write you an email saying that the Bubba J nappy arrived today and it is gorgeous it is definitely the pride of our nappy stash!!! The attention to detail is amazing. I can't wait till its been washed a couple of times and I can put it on my little one. As I said, I promise that I will send you a picture of my little one showing off her new nappy. Thanks again! Its beautiful! tartankiwi - NZ (Apr 2010, Hip Little One ‘Ditching the Disposables’ giveaway winner)



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