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94 Ascot Vale Rd, Flemington VIC 3031

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Why buy when you can hire your baby equipment needs instead? Let Hire for Baby help you with all your baby equipment needs..


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Hire for Baby.

rebeccal19 ,
I am beyond happy with Hire for Baby's service. The installation of the car seat into our hire car was first class! There is no way that seat could move (and I tried really hard). Thank you for helping us at short notice too :) (also hired a pram with the car seat)
marnia ,
leahh6 ,
I have used Hire for Baby two times in 2011 to hire car seats for my children. We live overseas and when we venture into Melbourne (sometimes at short notice), it is not always convenient to borrow car seats as we previously did. So thank you Hire for baby, for making our experience such an easy transaction, and to be able to have them delivered to our door at short notice is extremely convenient. The service is fast and top notch and the car seats are extremely well kept. I look forward to hiring again from you in the future when we visit Melbourne on our next trip.
celias1 ,
used this service when our babies were young and we wanted to use capsules instead of car seats for the first 3 months. Much cheaper than buying them and they were all good quality
kateh22 ,
I have used hire for baby twice to hire a car seat for my 1yr old while travelling interstate. Each time they were super efficient, flexible with the drop offs, quick to return enquiry emails and very professional. I would definitely continue to use this service when travelling!
Satisfied Customer ,
I needed some baby equipment for family visiting from overseas and contacted HFB for a quote after an internet search. Everything about our experience with them was terrific - very helpful in identifying which equipment we would need, delivery and installation (car seat) on time, equipment great quality, new and clean, everything just worked. And great value for money (extended hire of over 3 weeks) and very reasonable delivery/pickup charge. It made it all so much easier because they were so reliable.
lauram10 ,
We hired a number of items from Hire for Baby - South Brisbane for both of my children. They always had the items available (or could get them quickly enough), and the items were in great condition. We used them for things that I knew we wouldn't be using for more than 3-6 months -- infant swings, activity centres, etc. But they really have everything you need/want without having to pay $100's for something you'll only use for a short time!
paula4 ,
I recently family visit me from interstate, and I hired a car for their two kids. When I arrived at the carhire company to collect the car, the carseats were already installed in my hirecar. The seats were really tidy and were obviously looked after well. And one look at the installation could see that it had been done by someone who knew what they were doing! I had used this same company in Cairns, and gave the business the same glowing results! I can't recommend this service highly enough! It makes travelling with kids almost bearable!
louises7 ,
we used Hire For Baby when travelling to Canberra last year. the local agent was very helpful to our hosts, fitted the seat into the car for them and called later in the day to ensre that we were happy with the seat. they even advised on a good playground near the (child free!) host's home for our child to run off some energy!
jess ,
Highly recommend hiring from Hire For Baby. You can hire things from car seats to toys to prams. I've recently hired a capsule for my baby for 6 months at an affordable price. Better than buying the capsule and having it sitting around after when you have finished with it. I definitely will hire again if I have another baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use child restraints from overseas?

By law every child restraint sold in Australia must meet strict requirements, which are set out in Australian Standard AS/NZ1754. This covers materials, design, construction, performance, testing and labelling of child restraints. All restraints must carry the Australian Standard AS/NZ1754 sticker. Most overseas child restraints, including restraints from countries such as the UK and USA, do not comply with these Standards and cannot legally be used in Australia.

What is the law regarding child restraints?

Recent law changes across a majority of states requires that children under 6 months must be rear facing, children from 6 months to 4 years must be in either a rear facing or forward facing child restraint that has an inbuilt harness, children over 4 and under 7 must in an approved restraint. Child restraints must be suitable for the child’s size and weight and properly fitted and adjusted. To find out more about specific state requirements we ask that you visit the state rta website for further information. All franchises are trained to understand the new laws and how they apply to you.

Will you install car seats?

The majority of our branches are able to offer free installation of hired child car restraints at Hire for Baby premises. Our managers are trained to provide the safest & most appropriate child restraint & installation as we believe that your child’s safety is of paramount importance. We also provide anchor fittings and/or extension straps as required – all at no extra cost. We also fit your own child restraints and assist in solving problems/issues relating to postioning of children relative to age and types of restraints on the market.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Hire for Baby is proud to say that we do hold public liability insurance for the hire of baby equipment and the installation of child car restraints. Due to the nature of our business, i.e. hiring baby equipment/installing car restraints, it is very expensive and extremely difficult to obtain liability coverage. However, due to the fact that we are the largest baby equipment hire service in the country, we were able to obtain this coverage. You should ask about this before hiring from any baby equipment company; most policies do not cover the hire of baby equipment.

Is the equipment new?

All of our equipment is purchased brand new and is maintained in excellent condition. We pride ourselves on the high standard of safety and cleanliness we offer. Each item is thoroughly inspected before each hire.

Is the equipment sanitized?

All of our equipment is purchased brand new and is maintained in excellent condition. We pride ourselves on the high standard of safety and cleanliness we offer. We have strict quality control on the age and condition of our equipment. Each item is thoroughly inspected before each hire.

Why buy when you can hire instead?

Hire for Baby saves your money, time & storage space by offering a cost effective way to access safe, clean, quality baby equipment. We pride ourselves on our professional customer service and friendly, experienced staff.

Let Hire for Baby help you, your family and friends – because you and your baby deserve the best!

About Us

Hire for Baby is Australia’s largest baby equipment hire service. Originally established in 1988, over the past 20 plus years we have grown into a nationwide network of over 70 franchises. Our franchisees are experienced in areas of child safety, restraint fittings and assisting in establishing and meeting your hiring needs.



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