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Choosing Colors for Your Baby's Nursery

Uncertain as to which color to paint your baby's nursery? Deciding which colors to use can be difficult, so here are some useful tips to help you pick the right colors:

  • Spend some time in your baby's nursery in different times or hours of the day to observe the amount of sunlight. Check if the room gets only a little bit of sun through the day or is there a direct sunlight hitting the room. The amount of sun your baby's nursery gets can help you determine what will be the most suitable color. If the room is too sunny already, choose darker colors such as red or green, where as if the room is a bit dark, it would be a good idea to choose brighter or lighter colors such as blues, whites and yellows.
  • Following a theme will make the decision making easier. Themes will allow you focus your thoughts and choose appropriate colors that match the theme. For example, a jungle theme will use greens and browns, while beach or sky themes may use white, blues and tans. 
  • You may also want to consider a black and white scheme. A baby can only see blacks, whites and reds during their early childhood. Since research suggests that reds can cause irritability, just go with black and white or monochromatic colors with intricate designs to make the room more interesting.
  • Use a paint color wheel to view the mixtures of colors. Select options you like before going to the hardware store.
  • You can also visit a home improvement store where you can check the color samples. From this, you could work out what colors will look good together. If you're not satisfied, why not order some color samples of your desired colors and paint your baby's nursery with it.
  • Consider the size of the room. If the room is small paint it with brighter colors.
  • You have to look ahead as well on how the room is going to be used in the future. If you're planning for the room to be used for the next baby, you should pick a neutral color that will be suitable for both sexes, such as yellow, green, orange, white and red.
  • Always use odourless non-toxic paint.