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Remodelling a Nursery for the Coming Baby

January 23, 2013

Why remodel an existing nursery for the coming of a new baby? For one, the coming of a new baby warrants the refurbishing of a nursery to provide it a new look and identity. Another is to ensure that the room has been checked for safety worthiness especially if the room has not been used for quite some time. And still another is to have a common activity for the family to pool their efforts into as they joyfully await the coming of their newest family member.

A nursery remodelling project starts off with the determination of a theme. This will ensure that all efforts towards its completion will produce unified results. Everything must go with the theme from the paint to the décor and to the furnishings.

The most minimal remodelling job can be accomplished by a good painting job especially if old paint has to be stripped for containing lead. Suggested colors for a boy’s room are blue or green while pink and violet are ideal for girls. As much as possible, the room should grow gracefully with the child, with allowance for changes that a child’s development will entail. Neutral colors include white, yellow, and light brown. Ceilings are best kept white with pastel colors used for the walls.

It would be ideal if a light dimmer can be installed in the remodelled nursery so as to avoid disturbing the baby too much with glaring and bright light whenever a diaper change is needed. A bedside lamp can be a suitable substitute if installing such lighting fixture prove too costly. The windows must be able to allow enough natural light to penetrate the room through the use of appropriate window treatments.

Since the new baby will have many personal things that must be in their proper places for easy access to parents and caretakers, there must also be enough cabinets and shelves to store essentials. Furniture for a nursery room should be chosen carefully since safety feature is the most important aspect to consider. Cribs, aside from going with the theme of the room should be durable and at par with current safety standards. Although there is much allure in buying old cribs because of their traditional styling, many have not been created with safety standards in mind. It is best to provide new beddings as well with the preferred design.

Lastly, the room can benefit from decorative items that befits a baby’s place. These would include framed pictures, toys, and keepsakes. Furnishings and decors must be placed in a newly painted room after a couple of days so that the paint smell will not adhere to them.

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