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Business Overview

Check out the new Wizard range of Modern Cloth Nappies from Mother-ease! We stock the entire range of these great nappies and offer practical advice on choosing and using cloth nappies.


2 Customer Reviews

I started looking into cloth nappies as soon as I was pregnant. We still use disposble when we are out for longer days. I was guided to motherease by a UK friend who uses the sandies but I wanted something that could be used from birth to potty training to keep the $$ down. When we sampled the one size nappies they were just perfect!! We also have always used the cute swim nappies which look adorable as opposed to the disposable kind and they are so easy to put on.. We have not looked back. Some good points are: *My son has had very little nappy rash accept when put in disposables at day care. *The covers are cute, not OTT and have never leaked for us! *We used the velcro covers (Rikki) at first but the AirFlow now as he can rip off the velcro (once he got to lrg we bought Airflow). *We bought 12 Bamboo and 12 cotton nappies - we find the cotton are GREAT overnight and the bamboo feel lovely. *The Re-useable inserts are amasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ended up buying more. *Cotton Dry much quicker than bamboo - but both really dont take long as inserts are separate so they dry in half a day in summer and a day or two in winter (depending of course) *They clean soo well and I only need to dry pale. I cannot recommend these nappies enough. It takes a brave person to go down the route of MCN when its all so easy to buy disposables but its just so worth it with these ones. Louise @ Nip Naps always gets orders out quickly and efficiently!
I discovered Nip Naps on the internet while researching cloth nappies for my 9 month old son. We have been using cloth squares and want to upgrade to a fitted system. Louise at Nip Naps provided excellent advice and i ordered a trial pack of the Wizard Duo Mother-ease nappies. I had previously trialled a few other leading brands in cloth nappies and found them to be disappointing in terms of reliability. My son is a heavy wetter. The Wizard Duo nappies met my high expectations in every regard and i am very pleased (and relieved) to say that my search for a good cloth nappy is over. Thankyou Louise at Nip Naps for your excellent advice and service, and thank you Mother-ease for producing such a quailty nappy. I would not hesitate in recommending the Wizard Duo nappies. Many thanks, Robyn

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Our Team Profiles

Richard Miller

Richard Miller


Technical Guy


Richard does all of our technical work and website maintenance. If you love our website it's down to him!

Louise Scott

Louise Scott


Owner/Manager/Boss Lady!


I decided to start Nip Naps because I became passionate about reusable nappies when my first son was born in 2003. After trying a few modern cloth nappies I found Mother-ease and fell in love with these nappies. In 2004 Nip Naps opened and I have loved sharing my passion with many, many happy customers over these years!


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Nip Naps.

Tammy ,
Got my Wizard Uno today and it looks great!!
Tamara ,
I'm LOVING the nappies!
Cara ,
I have been using them since I got them and love them. I find them really easy to use and they dry quickly. They absorb well and I love the pops. I am a very happy customer!!
Alissa ,
Yes, they are going splendidly well thank you. They dry quickly andI have had no smelly problem since I am now using a different detergent. It seems to have definately helped my son's contact dermatitus that he was getting from the disposables, although he still gets a red bottom but less frequently and less severe. So, I am definately sold on the nappies - thank you so much once again for your advice along the way.
Alyson ,
Thank you so much for your quick response and great customer service guys!!
Amanda, Riley and 'Lilly bump' ,
I'm glad you are organised! Guess that's what it takes running a business!! Thanks so much, you've been a pleasure to deal with!
Annie ,
Thanks for the advice on this. It's my first baby, so am feeling a little clueless about it all and there is so much information. I have certainly found your website the most honest and straight forward with advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash cloth nappies?

* rinse off the solids and put the nappy into a dry nappy bucket. DO NOT soak your modern nappies in Napisan or Nappy Soaker

* when you are ready - wash on a warm, long wash with a regular amount of regular detergent

* line dry (but you can tumble dry if you have to)

* reuse!

How many will I need?

If you want to use cloth nappies full time we recommend 24 nappies. With 24 nappies you will be able to wash every 1 1/2 days with a newborn and every 2 days with a toddler.

Why should I use cloth nappies?

Many reasons depending on your outlook and situation.

Usually one of these reasons:

* economy - you will save $$$ with reusable nappies

* health - many people don't want to wrap their delicate baby in plastic and chemically treated paper. Modern nappies are made from natural fibres and are comforatable for baby to wear

* environment - reusable is always better than use once!


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