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PO Box 3266, North Turramurra NSW 2074

Also Services: Pymble, Wahroonga, and Warrawee

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Business Overview

Queen Bee is an exclusive online maternity boutique based in Sydney that stocks the largest range of maternity clothes and designer maternity fashion from Australia and around the globe. Shop securely online 24/7. Worldwide delivery. STYLE and QUALITY is what sets us apart from the rest. Enjoy xxx


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Curing the winter blues

Change the colour of your day this winter by introducing some colour to your grey and black maternity basics.

Best buys for organic

Buying organic can be expensive, so here's our tips on what products to invest in to ensure the safety of your children.

Sleep better than a baby

For Mother's Day this year I requested the cliche winter pajamas's and new slippers, and since wearing them I've had the best night's sleep every night! Coincidence maybe, but I'm convinced a new pair of pj's can take the focus off how little sleep we're getting as Mothers!

Grab and go

When a dirty nappy strikes whilst out and about with your baby, your entire nappy bag isn't always convenient to take to the change rooms, so an all-in-one carry-all is a great option to have everything you need in one small stylish package to keep in the car or pram for emergencies.

Mother's Day

Is your little bundle not due until after Mother's Day? We think you're just as deserving for a day off and little spoiling, so treat yourself to something you'll spend more than just Mother's Day enjoying.


Think of your autumn/winter maternity wardrobe as a Mille-feuille thousand layer pastry for a comfortable and stylish approach to the changing temperatures.

When jeans just won't do

What are your options when your having a 'not in the mood for jeans' day when you're pregnant?

The big reveal

A growing trend for first time mums is turning a baby shower into a gender reveal party - a fab surprise for your guests! But the big question is - what does the expecting mum wear?

For the mum who has everything

What do you buy for a new born baby if they already have everything thanks to mum who shopped up a storm?

Weekend away essentials

A quick weekend getaway in the middle of winter can be just as relaxing as a tropical island babymoon. Think open log fires, high tea and long strolls through tiny towns filled with character. The only difference is the level of difficulty in packing is increased! Here's our tips to a stylish pregnancy for a winter weekend getaway.

Dare to try something different

Whilst many of your new maternity items will remain true to your sense of style and simply be a temporary replacement of your favourites, now is also the time you can have a bit more fun with your fashion and try something a little different.

What makes a great nappy bag

Just like a great little black dress, be sure to find a nappy bag that will not only make change times out and about easier, but also suits your personal style as you'll be using it for many years to come.

Transeasonal jackets

A transeasonal jacket is a must have addition for helping push your warm weather maternity pieces out just a bit longer.

Nursing in style made easy

With so many varying styles of nursing access, it's important to find a style of nursing top that suits you, your baby and nursing style whilst still maintaining your personal style.

One dress three ways

A quality item of clothing that achieves maximum cost per wear whilst you're pregnant is a must. This dress will take you through the transeason shift in style, for work, weekend wear and special occasions.

Sleepwear good enough to step out in

After a late night feeding your new baby, impromptu guests can often have you scrambling for something presentable to wear yet still comfortable and with easy nursing accessibility. So why not make your sleepwear stylish enough to step out in?!

Spotlight on the maternity tunic

If there's one item of clothing you buy in multiples when your pregnant, it's the tunic for effortless chic in the office or casual weekend wear.

Maternity denim

Shopping for jeans when you're pregnant needn't be the daunting task it's made out to be. With the right advice, finding a pair of maternity denim jeans will be a breeze and you'll be wondering why you resisted for so long!

Back to basics

If shopping for maternity clothing is a little daunting, get back to basics by building on your existing wardrobe with key pieces as you move through your pregnancy. You'll even find yourself enjoying the creativity of putting new outfits together and finding a new sense of style!

Beating the heat

When the weather is as relentless and uncomfortable as it has been in Melbourne this week, it's more important than ever to take care when pregnant. Here's a few tips on beating the heat and riding it out.

Baby check-in

When travelling with children, it’s no secret the packing gets more complicated and the quantity increases – I mean seriously increases. The shortest of weekend getaways can fill a car boot quicker than you can “let’s hit the beach.” So here's a quick guide on how to scale back your carry on luggage at least for your next plane trip.

Let's get physical

Regular exercise during your pregnancy has many physical and emotional benefits for both you and your baby. But just as your everyday wardrobe requires changes to accommodate a growing waistline, so too will your active wear to keep you cool and comfortable.

It's what's underneath that counts

The smallest of changes to what lies beneath can make all the difference to how comfortable you feel in your current clothes, and those maternity purchases in a few more weeks! So here's our tips on what to look for when shopping for both maternity bras and briefs.

What to pack in your bag for hospital

Packing your bag for labour and consequent stay in hospital with your new baby is obviously great for being prepared to go when the time comes, but it also helps prepare you mentally for the big day and your new life ahead. Here's a list of essentials you may find helpful in getting started.

Spotlight on the maternity maxi dress

If there's one item you'll get great cost per wear out of whilst pregnant this summer, it's a maternity maxi dress.

Float through summer

Stay true to your pre pregnancy level of comfort and coverage when it comes to shopping for a maternity swimsuit, and float through summer in style.

'Tis the season

It's that exciting time of year when the social calendar is in full swing! But going from office to drinks can be tricky at the best of times, let alone with bump in tow. Here's our tips for creating a comfortable base with a chic maternity cocktail dress, so you'll be ordering your first mocktail in no time.

What Needs to be Done Before Baby Comes Home?

Bringing home your new baby for the first time is possibly one of the most momentous occasions in your life. It's the first time you properly introduce your new addition into your normal life, and it's the first home your baby is ever going to have. Before the baby is born, it's a good idea to try to be as organised as possible in terms of getting the house (and your life) ready to bring a child into. Sure, you've had a baby bag packed for months ready to go as soon as labour kicked in, but what about the practical ins and outs of life with a newborn at home? Here's a checklist to help you plan!

Types of Nursing Access

So your little one has arrived and you've mastered the art of breastfeeding while in the comfort of your own home. Here we explain the different types of nursing access so you can continue feeding your little one while maintaining your own sense of style.

Designer Highlight - Dote Nursingwear

Dote Nursingwear is a Singapore based label creating beautiful clothes for women to retain tehir pre-motherhood sense of style

Fit for a Queen

Looking for a dress that's Fit for a Queen? We feature the Jolene Knot Front Dress by Seraphine worn by Kate Middleton on her first official photoshoot with Prince George.

Maternity Accessories To Extend Your Wardrobe

Finding the right maternity wear for each stage of your pregnancy can be tough but sometimes a few simple accessories can go along way.

Spring Carnival

Spring has sprung and it's almost Spring Carnival time. Stunning dresses, stylish facinators and flowers in bloom. Here are 3 stunning dresses in vibrant colours to showcase your growing baby bump this Spring.

Tickled Pink

Every girl deserves a night out on the town. No one more than us mumma's to be, sporting our gorgeous bellies. Dress your bump in a bit of bling for the occasion and step out in rock chic style.

Walking on Sunshine

Walking, swimming and supervised classes such as yoga and pilates are fabulous during pregnancy. Queen Bee has an extensive range of stylish and ultra-comfortable active wear. With a selection of maternity yoga pants, sweatshirts and hoodies you will look and feel great during workouts.

Wrap up this winter

If you're looking to make the most out of your pregnancy wardrobe this winter, the royal wrap dress is the perfect investment for the super savvy, soon to be mum. With a stunning collection online at Queen Bee, wrap up this winter with a stylish wrap dress.

Mother Earth

Neutral toned pieces are a wonderful balance for any wardrobe and can be an extremely polished choice for a sophisticated natural look. Neutrals can be matched with many different colours and tones, being the perfect option to take you from the desk to dinner in elegant style.

The Bump Jetsetter Travel Guide

Travelling while pregnant doesn't have to be complicated. Whether you're hitting the road for a weekend getaway or flying overseas for a last soiree before baby arrives, with some smart preparation you will have a stylish suitcase ready for departure.

Violet Femmes

The colour purple symbolises power, passion and mysterious romance. This season, purple is big and bold especially married with the new trend of colour blocking. Queen Bee is showcasing some stunning maternity wear in this season's hottest colour. Shop online at Queen Bee.

Indulge in Luxe Loungewear

Lightweight super soft fabrics create comfortable pregnancy staples. We can ditch the old tracksuit pants & sweater and indulge in luxury loungewear basics...

Delightful Daisies on Mother's Day

Spoil yourself and shine in this stunning Fragile Daisy Draped Back Dress. You will ooze daytime beauty, rocking playful elegance with a cool chic freshness, whilst bub plays in a field of daisies...

Cherry-pick your seasonal sweater

For mums-to-be who are looking for stylish comfort, the humble knit can make a bold statement with in-trend colours and patterns. Luxe colours of intense purples, deep olive greens and cornflower blue add vitality and grace to your winter wardrobe.

Make a Statement in Prints

Softly swirling watercolours & romantic blooms bring a vibrant and exciting buzz to any wardrobe and can be extremely flattering for the radiant mum to be.

Stylish Stripes Save the Day

Stylish stripes shout class to any outfit, be it for work, weekends, or a well deserved night out with the girls. Queen Bee is showcasing some amazing nautical pieces.

Shop Monochrome

You can never go wrong with simple, classic black and white in your maternity wardrobe, softened with smooth shades of grey. Smart classic looks for your pregnancy

Stylish Nappy Bags

Finding that all important nappy bag is an important job. It needs to be practical, have plenty of room and most of all - it needs to be stylish.

Valentines Day with Queen Bee Maternity Wear

What to wear this Valentines Day.

Esprit for Mums Exclusive to Queen Bee

Queen Bee Maternity Wear are excited to bring you Esprit for Mums.

Finding Clothes that Fit During Pregnancy

Finding clothes that fit when you're pregnant can be a challenge when you don't know where to start. Our tips will guide you through the stages of your pregnancy to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Spring Maternity Fashion Trends

We just love Spring time and it's always our favourite fashion season. Here we take a look at some of the latest maternity fashion trends for your wardrobe.

Pampering the Mum-to-Be

Here are some tips on pampering the mum-to-be.

What to Do Before Getting Pregnant

What to Do Before Getting Pregnant

The post-pregnancy style file

Following the birth of your baby and in the early stages of breast-feeding, you might be overwhelmed by the feeling that your body will never be the same and that you’ll never be able to wear what you used to.

Yoga Mama

Remember that staying active and healthy during pregnancy has many benefits, and gentle exercise like pre-natal yoga is perfect.

Which Maternity Leggings should I buy?

The ultimate in loungewear, comfortable maternity leggings are an essential part of a pregnant woman's wardrobe all year round.

Office Chic with a Bump! Part one

What to wear to work is one of the first problems you’ll face as the weeks pass and your tummy grows

Office Chic with a bigger bump...

Office Chic with a bigger bump.. what to wear in the office when pregnant

Why Jeggings Are Your Best Friend During Pregnancy by Queen Bee Maternity

Jeggings are a relatively new fashion invention that are leggings made to look uncannily like jeans...without the unforgiving and uncomfortable issue of denim

How to Dress For A Special Occasion During Pregnancy

Glamming it up and going out on the town every night during pregnancy isn't exactly how the majority of women spend the latter part of their nine months, but every now and again an occasion will come up that's too good to miss....


Whether you choose a tropical destination or somewhere closer to home, a Babymoon is a great excuse to take some time out with your partner and relax before the arrival of your bundle of joy. It is an even better excuse to stock your maternity wardrobe with some staples that will make you look and feel a million dollars.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Queen Bee Maternity Wear.

lois-boyce-flack , On
Wow! I am so impressed my your maternity wear. Just checked out your site and the outfits are to die for! Wish we had anything like those beautiful outfits when I was pregnant. I am just so impressed. I can't get over how stylish and beautiful your clothing line is!
Amelia ,

Danielle , NSW
Mavi - Angelina Bootleg Maternity Jeans Absolutely amazingly quick delivery and the product, well amazing. the best maternity jeans i have ever tried on or bought. I actually feel fantastic and stylish even though my bump is starting to grow! i have already placed my 2nd order for more and just about to place my 3rd... i will be back time and time again! finally a maternity company that sells a proper size 6 maternity! thank goodness, i was worried i wouldn't have any fashionable clothes for the next 5 months!!! Thank you Queen Bee, AMAZING!! Danielle (NSW, Australia)
Elaine , (NSW, Australia)
Congratulations on a great service, prompt delivery - next day - you are the best! Not only were you friendly, honest and very helpful, the garments arrived quickly, packaged beautifully and fits like a dream. They are practical, comfortable and very trendy! I am very happy with the quality, pricing and the general feel of the clothing. Well done! Look forward to dealing more with Queen Bee in future! Thanks again
Kylie , NSW, Australia
Thank you for the recent delivery of the second item I have bought from you - a pink nursing top. I absolutely love it. It is very versatile as I can dress it up or down, and it is extremely comfortable. I also wanted to let you know that the long black dress that I bought from you several months ago was fantastic. You managed to organise it for me very quickly. I was heavily pregnant with twins and was agonising over what to wear to a wedding. It was beautiful despite my size and I received so many comments about it. Finally, I would like to say that I am very impressed with the speed of your service. One afternoon I ordered the pink nursing top on-line and I received it the next day. I ordered another top from another on-line company and it took weeks to arrive. I am not sure if I plan to have any more babies but I will definitely pass the good word about your range to any future pregnant friends. Thank you for making pregnancy and breastfeeding more glamorous. Kylie PS: Having twins is fantastic - so far anyway!
Kate , Perth, WA
Trimester - Rhapsody Maternity Maxi Dress Fabulous dress. Very comfy and I get lots of compliments when I wear it. Kate

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